Aishwarya Feeds production capacity of 48 Million Tons of poultry feed as crumble and mash

Aishwarya Feeds ventured into the field of poultry feed production way back in 1982 with traditional mixing unit. With rapid expansions and demand for the poultry for its inhouse consumption and domestic needs, Aishwarya feeds venture into the modern Feed production in 1996.

Poultry feed is produced in-house for both captive and market consumption. The feed production facilities are on par with the best in the country. The newly set up feed mill with a production capacity of 48 Million Tons of poultry feed as crumble and mash ensures the availability of scientifically formulated feed of better quality.

Utilization of Biologically valuable sterilized marine protein in poultry feed has been a key factor for success. Analytical Laboratory, State-of-the Art inhouse Research & Development (R&D) division, Technical Back up has contributed to the quality and streamlined production of Poultry Feed. Judicious selection of raw materials, giving due importance to nutrient contents and palatability, helps to make feed a unique one.

The company is having strong technical background for the prevention of contagious and infections diseases. The firm is maintained in hygienic manner and strict bio-security measures are taken for the prevention of outside contamination.

The company is specialized in the Manufacture and sales of

  • Cattle Feed,
  • Poultry Feed,
  • Broiler Feed(For Broiler Chicken),
  • Breeder Feed(For Broiler Parent Birds)

They also are focused on the following:

  • Purchase & Sales of Fresh Eggs, (Local Sales and Export Sales)
  • Export Sales of Chicken Eggs and Processed Chicken meat