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Bio Security Measures

Bio Security, periodical check up with biologists and vetinary doctors are done to ensure good health of the chicks. In Farm microbiological assay laboratory have paved way for hygienic egg production to international standards. To keep the bird population in good health, vaccination is done in regular intervals. The vaccines used are only ones which are produced from the SPF eggs (Specific Pathogen Free Eggs).

Strict bio-security measures are followed at every stage of production. The birds are vaccinated against diseases such as Mareke's Disease, Infectious Bural Disease, etc., The birds grown in our poultry are totally free from Salmonella and Mycoplasma.

Hygiene & Maintenance

The whole poultry farm is kept very hygienic and clean. Dead birds are properly disposed with the help of an Incinerator. Latest bird management and farm maintenance practices are followed and the farm periodically disinfected.