Broiler Chicken Integrated Production line from Breeder to Brioler Chicken

Aishwarya Broilers Private Limited

Aishwarya broilers is primarily focused in the manufacture
and rearing of

  • Broiler Parent Breeder Farms with Hatchery Unit
  • Produce Day Old Broilers Chicks and Sales
  • Broiler Eggs Sales

As poultry meat consumption is increasing to the growing demands, both in urban and rural areas, the broiler Poultry Breeders play a key role in the industry, affecting profitability at every stage. Farmers increasingly want birds that they can rely upon, which can perform to exacting standards in breeding farms, hatcheries as well as commercial farms, notwithstanding the geographical and climatic diversity of this region.

With years of experience and technical know-how of the poultry field, Aishwarya broilers has the forayed into this segment to make strides. Hatchery and Chick rearing is a critical operation in the entire poultry business. Aishwarya's experience, Infrastructure and meticulous process adherence is what lets Aishwarya make its mark in this field.

The viable breeding programs of Aishwarya extends from the purelines to the breeders. They ensure the overall performance and profitability such as early maturity, high and sustained peak, persistency through lay, shell quality, elevated egg production, optimum fertility and maximum hatchability.

Aishwarya Chicken :

With its own hatchery, the farm has a capacity to rear 300,000 broilers and is equipped with environment control systems. These sheds have enough ventilation and temperature control to maintain a thermoneutral zone for all birds at all times. These sheds have automatic feeding and nipple watering system.

The birds are reared under strict control of competent veterinarians. The birds are fed nutritionally balanced pelleted feed without animal protein. The feed is based on corn and soybean, fortified with mineral and vitamins. The feed and water is tested on regular basis to ensure quality.

The grown up birds are brought to the processing plant. The Fresh Chicken are either sent to the retail network.