Layered Eggs 30 Million Layered White Shell Eggs production and nearly 25 Million Eggs Exports per month

Aishwarya Farms

What started in the year 1975 as a layer Farming unit with just 2000 birds, with the positive encouragement from the market was turned to a 1,50,000 bird capacity Aishwarya Farms in the year 1999. In a sprawling 35 Acre spread modern layer Farming entity.

Aishwarya Farms is focused in the Production of Layered Farms and Fresh eggs.

Aishwarya Green Gardens

With the strong market presence and steady growth, Aishwarya Green Gardens was established in the year 2003 with a capacity of 1,08,000 bird capacity and 33 Million White Shelled Layered Eggs and Fresh Eggs per annum.

A healthy production level of 325 Eggs / Bird / Annum is being maintained. Apart from its own farms, Aishwarya group has under its belt more than 90 integrated farms adding nearly 1 Million Eggs / Month.

Egg Production :

The eggs laid are collected and are properly cleaned and graded. Eggs are stored in controlled temperature and freshness preserved. The eggs are sold within two days of laying and the microbial load is kept within the limit.

The shell quality being good, outside contamination of the egg is very minimal. The colour of the yolk is dark yellow. The percentage of breakage in our farm is also negligible.